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French Fries and….Mayo?

Having recently posted about Belga Cafe and their glorious frites, I figured it was time to acknowledge that proper mayonnaise is, well, ridiculously good.  Admittedly, mayo used to fall into a wide category of food I wouldn’t touch.  This “white and mushy” category ranged from yogurt to cottage cheese to *gasp* whipped cream.  I was so […]

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In Search of Moules Frites: Belga Cafe

Located in the Barracks Row district, just a block or two from the Eastern Market metro station (orange line), Belga Cafe shines as a prime example of hearty, delicious Belgian fare.  At first glance, the restaurant is warm and cozy, with tightly packed tables and a neighborhood feel.  The service is prompt and attentive — […]

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