Pupatella in Arlington: Two Amys has Serious Competition on the Pizza Front

Ladies and gentlemen, pizza lovers of the DC area, I arrive here to make an announcement.

I think Two Amy’s, DC’s reigning king of authentic Neapolitan pizza has a real challenger. That challenger is in the form of Pupatella, a brick and mortar expansion of a near-legendary Arlington food cart. 

I’ve now been there twice and I can say, without any reserveations, that Pupatella’s pies are nearly as good as Two Amy’s, but with the benefits of not having a 45-minute wait anytime you actually want to eat, and for being located in Northern Virginia, just a short drive down Wilson Boulevard from the Ballston Metro station.

What should you get once you’re there?

  • The Margarita DOC is wonderful and I think stands right up against Two Amy’s version. The simply ingredients are allowed to shine, and the crust has a wonderful consistency and just the right amount of chew and charred flavor.
  • The appetizer of fried brussels sprouts mixed with green apples and balsamic glaze is simply superb and the kind of dish that I think could convert the legions of brussels sprouts-haters

Despite the restaurant’s small size, it has both wine and a well-thought out beer selection. If you’re in Northern Virginia and just not feeling the drive and wait to Two Amy’s, I cannot recommend Pupatella enough as a superb alternative.


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One Comment on “Pupatella in Arlington: Two Amys has Serious Competition on the Pizza Front”

  1. January 28, 2014 at 4:26 pm #

    Sounds phenomenal! Can’t wait to test it out!

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