The (Hot Dog) Guns of August

Both sides in the Oscar Meyer v. Sara Lee hot dog war have artillery at the ready

It should be needless to say, but anytime I see a story that involves hot dogs, lawsuits, AND puns – I’m going to love it. This piece from NotionsCapital has all three.

 In 2009, Oscar Mayer ran an ad campaign claiming its Jumbo Beef Franks beat out Ball Park Franks in a national taste test. Ball Park Franks manufacturer Sara Lee countered by claiming that Oscar Mayer did not cook Ball Park wieners correctly during the tests, and falsely stating that its Oscar Mayer tube steaks are “100 percent pure beef” when they are not. Sara Lee is suing Kraft, accusing the rival firm of “willful, false, misleading, deceptive … Read More

If you’re a pun enthusiast, and let’s face it, who amongst us isn’t one, you’re going to love these headlines from media coverage of this suit.

“Dog Fight,” Michael Brick, The Daily

“Legal beef: Oscar Mayer, Ball Park escalate wiener war,” Michael Tarm, AP via Salt Lake Tribune

“The Wiener and The Losers,” Robert Passikoff, Forbes

“Judge takes Ball Park-Oscar Mayer hot dog fight with relish,” Michael Tarm, AP via USA Today

“Hot dog lawsuits: Will real wiener emerge?” Mary Helen Miller, Christian Science Monitor

“Hot dog makers square off in court: Which will cut the muster?” Cynthia Dizikes and Emily Bryson York, Chicago Tribune


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