Pupatella in Arlington: Two Amys has Serious Competition on the Pizza Front

Ladies and gentlemen, pizza lovers of the DC area, I arrive here to make an announcement. I think Two Amy’s, DC’s reigning king of authentic Neapolitan pizza has a real challenger. That challenger ...

My Top Ten Breakfasts

My top ten sandwich list elicited some good conversation so let’s follow it up with another conversation about another divisive subject – breakfast. While it is called the most important meal of the day, some people ...

Guinness weakens its brand by releasing Black Lager

So Guinness has just released it’s new Black Lager and I don’t like it. I don’t like it one bit. Like many, I was introduced to dark beer, or “good ...

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What have I been cooking, eating, and drinking recently?

First of all, I must apologize for not updating the site more often. My “grown-up job” has kept me very busy recently, but fret not, I’ve still been cooking and coming up with new ways to wreck my kitchen and/or cover it entirely with flour. Here are the just a few of the things I’ve […]

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Dinner Tonight – Vegetarian Sloppy Joe’s

I whipped up a quick healthy dinner recently – vegetarian sloppy joe’s with mashed bourbon sweet potatoes. It couldn’t have been simpler and it took only one cookbook, Joy of Cooking. I just used the sloppy joe recipe, substituting lightlife ground crumble for beef or turkey. For the side, I used Joy’s recipe for mashed sweet potatoes […]

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Dinner Recently: Vegetarian Clams Casino

First off, don’t worry, the clams are real. The bacon, however, is not. A few weeks ago Janna was explaining to me that one of the things she used to really enjoy before she became a vegetarian was the old fashioned classic, clams casino. I replied, “isn’t that just clams filled with a bit of […]

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Exploring Michael Ruhlman’s new cookbook

“Ruhlman’s Twenty: 20 Techniques, 100 Recipes, A Cook’s Manifesto,” the new cookbook by author, blogger, and Anthony Bourdain buddy Michael Ruhlman arrived on my doorstep on Saturday and I’m really looking forward to trying out some of its recipes. I’ll give it a proper a review in a few weeks, but I really like the […]

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Alton Brown refuses to use the “n-word” when referring to his fans

Serious Eats has a nice interview with Alton Brown promoting his new book, Good Eats 3: The Later Years. In it he says this:

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If all charts were about Girl Scout Cookies, I’d have done better in college statistics

From Andrew Sullivan:   It’s Girl Scout Cookie season, organized by percentage of total sales:  The only thing here that really surprises me is that Thin Mints are only 25% of sales. I would guessed around 40% just based on comments I’ve heard in those inevitable “which kind of Girl Scout Cookie is your favorite” conversation we’ve all had. Also, I guess I’m […]

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Ben and Jerry’s “Schweddy Balls” ice cream is some clever marketing

I  have to admit that I love every part of this: To celebrate the talented writers, crew and actors behind arguably television’s funniest television program, today, Ben & Jerry’s launched its newest limited-batch flavor, Schweddy Balls. The flavor is an ode to the classic “Saturday Night Live” sketch [viewable here] starring Ana Gasteyer and Molly […]

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Fairfax’s Pho Capital still has some work to do

I finally had a chance to stop by the recently opened pho shop, Pho Capital, located in Trader Joe’s shopping center at the intersection of Little River Turnpike and Pickett Road in Fairfax. It’s a nice place, with a sleek modern look that contrasts with the spartan, cafeteria-like looks of reigning area pho champions Pho 75. I […]

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Why farm-to-table restaurants aren’t hypocrites for not serving local wine

Eater Seattle asked the question yesterday, “Are Farm-to-Table Restaurants Hypocrites For Not Serving Local Wine?” Eater asked this question in the context of some criticism leveled at “farm-to-table” restaurants for not serving wines from Washington state, the third largest producer of American wine. Maybe in Washington state, the question is a difficult one to answer. […]

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An amazing anecdote from Grant Achatz’s new restaurant

Eater interviewed Achatz’s business partner, Nick Kokonas who revealed this unbelievable story from their newest Chicago restaurant, Next. There are a lot of people that come into our restaurants and have a really good time and think it’s a good value. If you’re not, why would you want to subject yourself to it? We had […]

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The (Hot Dog) Guns of August

It should be needless to say, but anytime I see a story that involves hot dogs, lawsuits, AND puns – I’m going to love it. This piece from NotionsCapital has all three.  In 2009, Oscar Mayer ran an ad campaign claiming its Jumbo Beef Franks beat out Ball Park Franks in a national taste test. […]

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Some great blogs you should try…

I have to thank Amy of A Little Nosh for organizing a nice little DC-area food blogger get together at Bazin’s on Church in Vienna. Along with Amy, I got to meet and chat with Johnna of Johnna Knows Good Food as well as Kim from My Cup of Creativi-Tea. They’re all great folks and […]

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Why David Chang’s Lucky Peach might just be the future of magazine publishing

Who, in these times of massive financial uncertainty and contraction across the entire publishing business, tries to start a magazine? Who then would be crazy enough to make the publication virtually free of advertising while also investing in talented writers, photographers and designers? Let me tell you as an exile from the journalism business, that  […]

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Slate is right, restaurant websites often do suck

Slate’s tech writer Farhad Manjoo asks a good question, “why are restaurant websites so horrifically bad?” Here’s his take: Over the last few weeks I’ve spent countless hours, now lost forever, plumbing the depths of restaurant Web hell. I also spoke to several industry experts about the reasons behind all these maliciously poorly designed pages. […]

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Arcadia Farm is building something great and important near Alexandria

While most people spend their Saturday mornings sleeping off the previous night’s misbehavior, or maybe doing a bit of housecleaning, Janna and I found ourselves on an 18th century plantation… picking weeds. Were we serving off our community service requirement after the inevitable defamation suit from Rachael Ray? Not yet, at least. Instead, we were […]

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Zombie meat will freak you out

  From Andrew Sullivan: Robert Krulwich explains the above video: Because this squid was just killed, its muscle cells were still intact and operational. A live squid moves it tentacles by sending an electrical command from its brain to its muscles. The commands say “contract” or “relax.” But since this animal lost its head, its […]

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